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Before & After Photos

Welcome to our Smile Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations patients have experienced after receiving treatment in our dental office. 

 Betsy. Two years of Invisalign, composite bonding, bleaching, and re-shaping of teeth

 Terri.  Veneers covering front eight teeth.
Virginia.  Crowns on four front teeth and re-shaping of canines. 
 Before After

 Terry. Implant to replace missing tooth, new crowns and veneers on remaining incisors and re-shaping of canines.

 Before After

Jeanine. Porcelain veneers, re-shaping of teeth and mineral paste therapy to remove white spots. 

 Before After

Michelle. Replaced unesthetic crowns on upper front teeth and added
veneers on adjacent teeth and canines. Patient will bleach lower teeth at
future appointment.


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