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Meet the Staff

Deborah Schroeder - Office manager and receptionist

Debby has resided in Libertyville for 40 years.  Her wit and charm have endeared her to many within the community.  She has been helping the people of Libertyville for years as a health care administrator and receptionist at local medical offices.  Debby goes the extra mile to ensure insurance benefits are maximized and explained fully to patients.  Her interests outside of work center around her family and friends.  

Sandra Marron - Dental Hygienist

Sandra grew up in Chicago and is a city girl at heart.  She spent many years in the dental profession before becoming a hygienist, both as a dental assistant and an office manager.  She graduated from UIC in 1999 with a Bachelor of Biology degree and completed her Dental Hygiene degree from UIC in 2003 with valedictorian status and high honors.

Sandra believes in patient-centered care and educating her patients in a low-stress manner.  She likes to help patients understand the connection between oral health and overall systemic health to really make a difference in their well-being.  She has worked for over a decade in periodontic, prosthetic and cosmetic dental practices, and is always increasing her knowledge by attending seminars and reading journals.

Sandra has two boys, James and Charlie.  She is an avid runner who participates in multiple half-marathons per year.  She also loves to cycle and travel.


Terri Fertel - Dental Assistant

Terri has been a dental assistant for 18 years, 11 of which have been at this office.  Her cheerful, bubbly personality helps put patients at ease.  She is a native of Long Island and is recently engaged.   People feel comfortable with Terri at their side, and she makes sure everyone receives the TLC they deserve!



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